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Black Woman in a Lavender Field Illustration Art Print


A striking art print with bold colours that brings a feeling of calm. Relaxing purple takes hold of your eyes first, softening the senses, letting joy and serenity wash over you, while anxiety and stress can melt away. Only after you have reached the start of a tranquil state of mind do you stray from the vivid fields to the solid woman in the middle of the frame, dressed in pure white, while she sinks into the moment around you, pulling in you with her. White symbolizes fresh, new beginnings, starting new. While we can’t always start anew, we can take a moment to breathe in deeply and go on with the rest of the day, with the rest of our life, with fresh eyes.

You find yourself sinking into the moment with her, into the art print, into those fields of lavender. The woman keeps you grounded, her dress – the new beginning – flowing in the breeze, while her body and her hair stay perfectly still. She’s here to remind you to take the time to breathe, to remind you not to let the moments, no matter how small, slip away. Life – like the woman in the print – will wait patiently for you to integrate back into the world.

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  • Illustration by artist Doria-Adoukè
  • A3 art print
  • Available in limited edition
  • 300 gsm
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