Doria Adoukè is a black French-born artist based in London. She is specialised in fashion illustrations and graphic novels.

Adoukè’s aesthetic is a fusion of various cultures influenced by her travels and life experience.

From an early age, she experienced a multi-cultural environment in Madagascar, where her school was a mix of different cultures and races. She went to school with Asians, Indians, Black and White people.  Later, during her life in France, Adoukè grew up with friends from various backgrounds of religion, ethnicities and sexual orientation, despite her being the only black in her classroom, a mono-cultural environment.

Her aspiration is to give a tribute to the multi-cultural environment she experienced as a young girl.  Adoukè started  by drawing black women, as she wanted to see more women that physically look like her, something that is not represented in the media very well.

Her art is based on mixed-media (pencil, graphic design, and watercolour).

She also designs personalised illustrations; book covers and logos.

Her comics and illustrations can be found on her blog and Instagram page.

In the shop, she sells creative products such as art prints and calendars so you can make you friend, wife, or daughter happy to receive a unique gift that represents her.