Emerging Ballerina Art Print


Emerging ballerina art print symbolizes new beginnings, grace, freedom, and the powerful affect of feminine life. The ballerina in the art print, now a free woman, is rising through the purification of the water, reaching skyward to meet her true self. Bold colours, mixed with soft accents, elegantly lift her up to find peace and her absolute desire in life.

Through stereotyping, black women have always been viewed as strong. They have been stripped of their innocence and femininity, having to carry the world on their back. This piece is an ode to femininity, grace, and desire for life. The woman in the art print is a symbol for all black women, a symbol of those who have carried so much weight on their shoulders and who have fought struggles (including other’s) for so long. She is now emerging from the depth of the water, taking with her the wisdom of those waters, and turning it into grace and elegance. She has taken back her femininity and is, finally, able to live, true to her heart’s desire.



  • Illustration by artist Doria-Adoukè
  • A3 art print
  • Available in limited edition
  • 300 gsm
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